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Worldwide, Aaardenburg Imaging and Archives is proud to play an important role in the curation of a community dedicated to the appreciation of image quality and image permanence in photography and digital fine art printmaking.

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Aardenburg Imaging uses the I* Metric, invented by Aardenburg Imaging founder Mark McCormick-Goodhart.

Aardenburg Imaging publishes lightfade test results in megalux hours, a direct measurement of exposure dosage.

Aardenburg Imaging rates test results according to the Aardenburg Conservation Display Rating, a fine art standard.

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A Light Fastness Comparison of Epson K3, Epson HD, and Canon Lucia Ex Ink Sets

| Printmaking, Research | No Comments
Introduction Batch N testing began three years ago in July, 2015. It is now complete as of July, 2018, and the final reports have been posted in the Aardenburg light…

Epson UltraChrome HD 140 Megalux Hours

| Research | No Comments
Updates on Epson UltraChrome HD are now available at 140 megalux hours. The pertinent samples in this study can be easily located in the Aardenburg database by filtering the “batch” field…

HPDesignjet Z3200PS 44″

| Printmaking | No Comments
Aardenburg Imaging is proud to announce the acquisition of a new Hewlett Packard Designjet Z3200PS 44" printer! Although the Z3200 has been on the market now for several years, it remains…