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Worldwide, Aaardenburg Imaging and Archives is proud to play an important role in the curation of a community dedicated to the appreciation of image quality and image permanence in photography and digital fine art printmaking.

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Membership in Aardenburg Imaging is free. General and project donations allow for development, testing, and publication of all materials. Please donate today in order to help us provide this important service to the digital fine art printmaking community.

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Aardenburg Adhesive-Free Picture Framing Technique

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Aardenburg Imaging Adhesive-Free Picture Framing Professional framers are typically handed artwork by their clients where the print dimensions are not equal to the requested frame dimensions, hence, they must resort…


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Tracking LILIS (Light Induced Low-Intensity Staining) LILIS is caused by the light induced degradation of optical brighteners (OBAs) incorporated in modern media, and it also correlates with the combined presence of both…

Tracking LILIS

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Tracking LILIS (Light Induced Low-Intensity Staining) In November, 2016 Aardenburg Imaging & Archives began a series of light fastness tests using an extended testing protocol to study the phenomenon of light…


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Dear AaI&A Members, In recognition of worldwide interest in information for printmakers with regard to their choices of archival fine art materials, as well as requests for a fuller contextual…

Featured Project

Aardenburg Imaging uses the
I* Metric, invented by
Aardenburg Imaging founder
Mark McCormick-Goodhart.
Aardenburg Imaging publishes lightfade test results in
Megalux Hours, a direct measurement of exposure dosage.
Aardenburg Imaging rates test results according to the Aardenburg Conservation Display Rating,
a fine art standard.