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spans 63 Countries

Worldwide, Aardenburg Imaging and Archives is proud to play an important role in the curation of a community dedicated to the appreciation of image quality and image permanence in photography and digital fine art printmaking.

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… Sharing our knowledge of digital and traditional photographs with museums, galleries, and the digital fine art printmaking community.

News You Can Use

Aardenburg Adhesive-Free Picture Framing Technique

| Photography, Printmaking | No Comments
Aardenburg Imaging Adhesive-Free Picture Framing Professional framers are typically handed artwork by their clients where the print dimensions are not equal to the requested frame dimensions, hence, they must resort…


| Printmaking, Research | No Comments
Tracking LILIS (Light Induced Low-Intensity Staining) LILIS is caused by the light induced degradation of optical brighteners (OBAs) incorporated in modern media, and it also correlates with the combined presence of both…

Tracking LILIS

| Printmaking, Research | No Comments
Tracking LILIS (Light Induced Low-Intensity Staining) In November, 2016 Aardenburg Imaging & Archives began a series of light fastness tests using an extended testing protocol to study the phenomenon of light…


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Dear AaI&A Visitors, In recognition of worldwide interest in information for printmakers with regard to their choices of archival fine art materials, as well as requests for a fuller contextual…

Featured Project

Aardenburg Imaging uses the
I* Metric, invented by
Aardenburg Imaging founder
Mark McCormick-Goodhart.
Aardenburg Imaging publishes lightfade test results in
Megalux Hours, a direct measurement of exposure dosage.
Aardenburg Imaging rates test results according to the Aardenburg Conservation Display Rating,
a fine art standard.