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By September 3, 2019July 24th, 2022Podcast

Dear AaI&A Visitors,

In recognition of worldwide interest in information for printmakers with regard to their choices of archival fine art materials, as well as requests for a fuller contextual understanding of our print permanence research, Aardenburg Imaging is proud to introduce the Aardenburg Imaging Podcast, a discussion with Aardenburg Imaging Director Mark McCormick-Goodhart about photography and printmaking in the digital age.

The Aardenburg Imaging Podcast, Series One, now available at our website, includes the following chapters.

01. Introduction to Aardenburg Imaging
02. #HowPrintsFade
03. The Meaning of “Archival”
04. Megalux Hours and CDR
05. Choosing Media
06. The Aardenburg Color Target
07. The Aardenburg Color Target and the i* Metric
08. The i* Metric
09. What Constitutes the End of Life of a Photograph
10. The Donation Model
11. Media Categories – RC Media

To start listening, please click on the following link:
Go to The Aardenburg Imaging Podcast

Mark McCormick-Goodhart, Director


Mark McCormick-Goodhart
Director, Aardenburg Imaging & Archives