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“Hawthorne Yellow” and “Distant Gray,” A New Era Begins

By September 27, 2007November 4th, 2015Uncategorized

The Hyde House and fresh paint, September, 2007.  The south-facing dormer windows on the third floor are a great spot for accelerated light fading tests.

Archives and family homes need maintenance which in the case of the historic Hyde House meant a whole lot of painting this season! The terne metal roof looks worse than it really is for an approximately 80 year old roof. It, too, needs a new coat of metal paint, but that project and the central chimney cap will also have to wait. Higher on the repair list was plumbing, electrical, and new appliances for a laundry room that has to come out of the mostly dirt cellar and take up residence on the second floor. I learned long ago what isn’t negotiable in one’s family life!

I have added a new “digital print research” icon to the AaI&A homepage. Follow the link and you will find a couple of new documents there. As the site builds out, this icon will probably be the path to print permanence results. Aardenburg Imaging & Archives is slowly taking form, and I thank you for your patience and support. If, as the saying goes, inspiration is only 10% of the battle and perspiration is 90%, it seems to me that my 90% perspiration goes 90% into finding my 10% inspiration!