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Aardenburg Imaging MonitorChecker

A Visual Tool to Give You Confidence in Your Display Calibration

The Aardenburg Imaging MonitorChecker is a .psd file encoded in LAB color space for use with all recent versions of Adobe Photoshop. The MonitorChecker verifies that your display is calibrated accurately, by comparing neutral gray solid-fill color patches of varying lightness values, each with a corresponding interlaced pattern, to validate your monitor’s tone response curve. We have included additional layers for use in evaluating your monitor’s highlight and shadow performance, as well as a layer that includes a colorimetrically accurate rendering of XRite’s ColorChecker® Passport.

It works. Many years of refinements to the concept and design.
I hope you find it as useful as it has been for me.

Mark H. McCormick-Goodhart
Director, Aardenburg Imaging & Archives.