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By July 9, 2019January 31st, 2020Printmaking


Aardenburg Imaging & Archives “Media Matters” campaign focuses on essential knowledge and key concepts to be drawn from the extensive i* Light Fade Database, available only at Aardenburg Imaging, for the benefit of printmakers worldwide.

When considering all 3 components of today’s modern inkjet systems (printer, ink, and media), printmakers must not underestimate the effect of media choice on print permanence. Identical printer/ink combinations paired with media often regarded as “archival” can produce dramatically different results.

For example, take a look at the following 3 tests from the Aardenburg Imaging Light Fade Test Database, Reports 317, 318, and 333. All tests were printed on the same Canon Pro‑1000 printer using the same batch of Canon Pro-11 OEM inks. ID#317 was printed on an RC photo paper that contains OBA’s and TiO2, hence suffers from Light Induced Low‑Intensity Staining (LILIS). ID# 318 was printed on an OBA-free matte fine art paper, and is more than 2x lightfast compared to ID #333 which was printed on an OBA-free “traditional fiber” luster finish paper.

To dig deeper into the comparison, click the “+” sign next to the test ID number. To see the full report, click on the pdf to download. To access the reports at our website, go to the Light Fade Test Database.

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