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Membership Rights and Responsibilities

Membership in the Aardenburg Imaging and Archives Digital Print Research Program grants immediate and full access to all Aardenburg Imaging articles and reports as they are posted and updated on this website. Donations fund new research and maintain current tests in progress.

Print sample submissions to the Digital Print Research Program are a volunteer effort on the part of Aardenburg members. Any member is welcome to submit samples for testing. Please note that Aardenburg Imaging can only test as many samples for the membership as time, funding, and equipment capacity permit. Please contact us prior to sample submission.

Aardenburg Imaging reserves all rights to determine the nature, content, and order of testing. Only samples made with readily available materials, processes and techniques that are easily reproducible by other members are likely to be tested.

Aardenburg Imaging members’ information remains strictly confidential. We do not sell or release member information to the public or private sector, and we do not share members’ information with other Aardenburg members or the public without expressed written permission.

Aardenburg Imaging holds copyright to all published test results and other publications on this website. We appreciate members and the public abiding by the terms of use as stated on the individual documents, as they are made available to the public and/or membership.