Aardenburg Imaging Adhesive-Free Picture Framing

A Technique Designed for the Modern Photographer and Printmaker

Professional framers are typically handed artwork by their clients where the print dimensions are not equal to the requested frame dimensions, hence, they must resort to various adhesive/alignment methods like corner mounting, hinge mounting, dry mounting, etc., in order to satisfy their customers’ chosen framing requirements. The Aardenburg adhesive‑free picture framing approach begins at the printmaking step, and relies on preplanning for what margins are desired in the finished piece. These printed margins fulfill the adhesive‑free alignment of all the components in the chosen picture frame.

This article describes the adhesive‑free framing method I have been using at Aardenburg Imaging & Archives for several years with excellent results. It adheres to the important museum conservation principle of being a fully reversible procedure (i.e., the artwork is not physically altered by the framing method).

Adhesive-Free Picture Framing PDF

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