Case Study #2:

“A Year in the Life of an Inkjet Print – Environmental, Colorimetric, and Visual Assessments,” has been added to the documents page of the Aardenburg website. (AaI_20090402_CS-02.pdf)

The first Aardenburg picture frame with embedded data loggers was hung on a wall in the Hyde House in October, 2007. More data logging picture frames have been deployed in different locations around the United States since then, and each one is like a little hidden treasure just waiting to be re-discovered! Real world print monitoring is a slow process. There can be no forced acceleration of the aging process, and it would seem that many years will pass before any useful information is gathered. Yet on the very first try and only 18 months into the study, some noteworthy results have already occurred.

This article is intended mainly for an audience of museum specialists. Paper and photograph conservators who will encounter optically brightened papers in the course of their work will find relevant information in results of this study so far. Printmakers who are dedicated to the pursuit of long lasting prints and knowledge of environmental conditions that promote print longevity may find the article of interest as well. Enjoy.

Thank you to all who donated to help make this project a reality. Aardenburg would not be able to provide essential industry insight without the generous participation of the Aardenburg Imaging Membership Community.

Mark H. McCormick-Goodhart
Director, Aardenburg Imaging and Archives

Project Successfully Funded!